Social Engagement Strategist, Introduction!

by Jen Albers

You may have been wondering who is doing all of the typing, the social media, getting the information out for our beloved young gunnin’ puck shooting, goal stoppin’ Mustangs, it’s me! Hello everyone, I am, Jen Albers! 

GM Glen Winkler, told me I should introduce myself, I guess I’m not allowed to hide in the shadows behind the scenes. Who would want to when you’re supporting and sharing information about these young men with huge dreams? Not I. 

I grew up in Meadow Lake on a farm outside of this great little city. I moved around the province after I graduated and after college. I somehow gravitated back to the area when I met my now husband, Chris. He works in the Loon Lake area and he farms, we farm. I’m mostly the cook, the parts fetcher, the grocery getter and I keep our tiny human happy! 

I grew up in a hockey house, I never played but I understood the game from a young age. My dad spent his days yelling at the Oilers on TV, ok, ok, he cheered! We spent many late nights cheering for the, Meadow Lake Stampeders! I couldn’t of been far out of my baby years when that begun. The love for the game has always been instilled in me. I also have a few professional hockey players in my family, you may catch on as you read.

Why did I decide to volunteer my time helping the Mustangs, with their social media? I have been asked that a few times. My answer is now simple after this past season. My parents, Adriane and Lennard Ouellette, were billets for a couple young men on the team last season and I have a 5 year old. I swore to the high heavens I would NEVER be a hockey mom. Maybe it’s because I didn’t fully understand it, I get it now more than ever. Anyways, Hesten (my tiny human) fell head over heels with the team, the game and the atmosphere. I’m not sure we missed a home game. We travelled to Cold Lake often and Hinton for their final battle to cheer these young guys on. Last season was a blast! Hesten the decided he wants nothing more than to be a goalie. Trevor Buckmeier, was that inspiration, #31. He was one of my parents billets. He left a huge impact on a little boy. Hesten attended his first ‘Kings hockey school’ here in Meadow Lake, this summer. He’s often talked about past (and still does today) and returning players that have a piece of his heart. Sticks and pucks were given to him throughout the season (Jeordie Janvier, Kezi Albert & Miguel Iron) as he waited by the dressing room for his high fives of the night. Some of the boys spent time with him while he was at his grandparents as some of these young guys floated in and out of the house. Some of them were watchful targets and the love of the game happened. Trevor Buckmeier, Andrew Hawes, Shane Hounsell (his best bro), Miguel Iron, Ostin Fontaine, Liam Flock, Geordie Janvier, Eric Ermantraut, and Justin Hebert are just to name a few! Their passion was watched with a watchful 4 year old hawk eye and instilled. So why do I do it? The passion instilled in my son, the young inspirations and role models on the ice and the love for the game. 

I look forward to working with the team to get the best of them to share with the public. They’re all young men with the same dream. I can’t wait to get to watch and learn the new personalities boom as they hit the ice this season. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this and learn some new things! I may not be the absolute best grammatically or spoken but I will give it all I have! 

For the love of all things HOCKEY and our community, 

Jen Albers

This is my happy, new to being hockey parents, photo!

Below is a few of the boys participating in the Dorintosh Winter Fest!

Below, my dad, Lennard, purchased Geordie’s jersey as a team fundraiser and gifted it back to him!

Below, Hello’s are easy As strangers but good-byes are harder as newly made family!

If you are considering being a billet, don’t think twice! 

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